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Volume 3 (1), December 2011


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TQM Core Elements and Knowledge Sharing: An Empirical Study of Iraqi HEIs

Ammar A. Ali Zwain, Lim Kong Teong & Siti Norezam Othman (pp. 1-19)


Impact of Employees’ Satisfaction on Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study from Banking Industry of Pakistan

Raza Mustafa, Muhammad Arshad Haroon, Shabina Shaikh (pp. 20-27)


Chaos and Order are not Enemies, only Opposites: A Case Study of PICIC Bank

Raza Mustafa, Shabina Shaikh (pp. 28-36)


The Art of Nation Branding in Meeting Future Challenges: A Strategic Perspective

Farouk I. Heiba(pp. 37-50) )


Socio-Political and Economic Barriers of Development in Education Sector of Southern Punjab (Pakistan)

Tehmina Sattar,Ghulam Yasin, Saima Afzal (pp. 51-71)


An Updated Favorable Outlook of the Last in First out Inventory Methods

Peter Harris (pp. 72-78)


Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model with Financial Frictions Case of Morocco

Benbachir Saâd, Abouch Mohammed, Firano Zakaria (pp. 79-107)      



Assessing Study of the Effects of Microcredit in Tunisia: Illustrated by Enda Action

Abdessatar Ati, Hermassi Hela (pp. 108-123)      


Institutional Quality and Political Risk

Ilhem zorgui (pp. 124-136)      


Operational Risk Quantification Approaches of the Tunisian Banking system

Abdessatar Ati Full, Lamia Daly (pp. 137-152)      


The Challenges of Financing a Share Issue: An Empirical Investigation for Tunisian and French Companies

Theiri Saliha, Ali Medabesh, Ati Abdessatar (pp. 153-160)      



A Study of Consumer Perceptions on Brand Imagery in Luxury Brands

Veneta Sotiropoulos, C. Hadjiharalambos, Peter Harris (pp. 161-166)